Kangaroos in Morisset, NSW

Kangaroos in Morisset, NSW

People overseas always believe kangaroos are roaming the streets in all Australian cities. And although in some places you can witness some great shows, the truth is that there aren’t  kangaroos everywhere 🙁 I know… bummer! I really wanted to ride a kangaroo to work.

In Sydney it’s a bit difficult to spot kangaroos, you could always go to Taronga or other zoos and find them there but, if you want to see them in the wild you need to make a bit of an effort.

Morisset, in the Central Coast, is popular because of the many kangaroos in the area. When we first moved to Australia we headed there, and every time we have a relative visiting that is a trip we make for sure.

The animals are used to people visiting them. Generally, you can pet the females or the smaller males as they get really close to you, and see some joeys. “Joey” is the name for baby kangaroos. That’s why in that Friends episode when Joey was using the dictionary to change all words in his letter of recommendation for Monica & Chandler’s adoption process he signed with “Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani.” 😀 #RandomTVFact… Back to the Roos, I love how joeys are always in what look like very comfortable positions inside their mum’s pouch. I spotted some that look really big for their pouches, you would think like they should get their own place! Although, as a millennial, I cannot judge, we’ve all had to over extend our living arrangements with our parents, so it’s OK (not so) little joey, you can take your time.

Usually, I try to stay away from large male kangaroos, they could be really aggressive. If you don’t think they could, probably you missed that viral kangaroo vs dog vs man incident earlier this year. You will know which are the alpha male kangaroos in the pack, they have more muscles than The Rock and when standing are easily taller than an adult human. Last time we were in Morisset we noticed some tourists with a toddler, and the kid was trying to feed a kangaroo by himself. I would recommend always supervising young children around these animals. Kangaroos are cute and all but they could be aggressive if feeling threatened, and a child perhaps could do something that makes them feel that way. In that case, the kangaroo was way taller than the child and one kick of a kangaroo could be lethal. They are nice animals but we need to be careful.

As another random fact (I think all my posts will be filled with those) there are more kangaroos in Australian than people! There are approximately 50 million kangaroos and only 23 million people living in Australia. That’s more than 2 kangaroos per person!

We spend approximately two hours every time we go there. You will have over 50 kangaroos around you, so it can be very relaxing and time flies.

On our way back to Sydney we decided to use the Central Coast Hwy (coastal route) instead of the motorway to do some sight-seeing, we stopped at the Entrance and Gosford. That’s another trip that is worth doing.

Overall it’s a nice activity to do if you want to be in contact with wildlife and get out of the city for a short road trip, I always enjoy it very much even though I’ve been there a few times already 🙂


  • Activity: Kangaroos in the wild.
  • Time spent: Approximately 2 hours.
  • What to expect: Kangaroos!!! 😀
  • Cost: Free entrance.
  • Access: Kangaroo Area, Morisset NSW.
    • By train: 2 hour approximately from Central to Morisset Station. (Take Central Coast & Newcastle line). There are shuttle services outside of the station taking you to the kangaroo area.
    • By car: 1.5 hours from the city. Take M1 or Central Coast Hwy.
  • Alternatives: Taronga Zoo, Australian Reptile Park, Symbio Wildlife Park, others.
  • Photographic opportunities: See gallery.
  • Recommended: Highly.
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