Sydney Opera House – Aboriginal Art

Sydney Opera House – Aboriginal Art

The Sydney Opera House recently announced that it will display aboriginal art in one of the eastern sails, all year-round, during 7 min daily shows: at sunset and at 7 pm. The show is called “Badu Gili” meaning “water light” in the language of the Gadigal people. It’s a great opportunity to appreciate Aboriginal art and see the Opera House lighted (similarly to Vivid Sydney) any time of the year.

Please don’t do as I did that didn’t read correctly that it was on an EASTERN sail. I headed to Circular Quay and instead of turning right towards the Opera House, I headed to the Rocks and the cruises overseas terminal (which is usually the area I pick when Vivid Sydney is on), so my view was of the WESTERN side of the Opera House. I was so proud that I got there 10 minutes before sunset and I had set up my camera in its tripod and everything, only to realise one hour later that I was on the wrong side of the Opera House and had to walk the other way. Good thing is that I caught the whole sunset and got great long-exposure shots. I love the Opera House, I’ve been living in Sydney for 5 years and it always feels like such an unique and special place.

Eventually, I made my way to the right place in time for the 7 pm show. Just go to the stairs of the Opera House and you can see it perfectly. I really enjoy aboriginal art (I’m not an expert on art or anything but) I love how they mix colours and forms to express nature and their surroundings, they really know and capture Australia, especially the outback.

Badu Gili is a lovely addition to any Sydney Opera House visit  🙂

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